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Care of Bamboo Birdhouses

Bamboo is a natural product and varies in color, size and shape. Some of the variable factors include the species, the curing or drying process, the application of bleach, stains or varnish and finally the size and age of the cane when it is cut.

Our products are made from natural bamboo with several coats of outdoor varnish applied at the factory. In strong sunlight, the varnish will break down and the bamboo will begin to weather and change in color, much like any wood product, to a silver grey. When wet, this silver grey color darkens. Some people prefer the darker natural look and either varnish it after it has aged or not at all.

Bamboo is not meant to be placed in the direct sun especially in dry climates. It is normal for bamboo to crack. We recommend reapplying a UV protective outdoor varnish once a year in late spring before the heat of summer. If the product is to be used outdoors and you live in an area with wet winters, it is good to reapply the varnish going into the rainy season to seal it from the moisture. During the winter some bamboo products may grow a black mold on the surface. This does not harm the product and can easily be wiped off with a solution of water and bleach. This should keep it from reoccurring.

Splitting or Cracking

It is normal for bamboo to crack. The smaller the diameter of the cane the less likely there is to be any splitting or cracking of any kind. When canes 2" or greater in diameter are put into the direct sun, especially in dry climates, the larger canes are likely to split and crack open. It is best with larger cane products to acclimate them slowly before using them outdoors and avoid prolonged direct sunlight. All fences use smaller canes and can withstand direct sunlight in any climate without problems!

Production of Bamboo Products

Bamboo- Bamboo is a member of the grass family. Our products are made from Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens, commonly called Moso. This is the largest of the hardy timbers that can grow in a temperate climate . Beautiful, giant grey/blue/green canes can get 8 inches wide and 80 feet tall, with contrasting small, feathery leaves and arching tops with terraced branch structure. Fresh moso shoots are a real delicacy in the orient. Young shoots are covered with a fine, fuzzy covering that looks like velvet. This is a true Giant. Can you imagine standing in a grove of giant moso that has canes the thickness of telephone poles? One of the most beautiful and probably the most magnificent of the giant hardies.

Harvesting - The slopes above the villages in rural China are covered in Moso groves. These groves are divided up among the village families and have been harvested by them for centuries. Each year they climb the mountains and harvest up to 1/3 of the standing canes. The branches are stripped off and left in the grove to provide nutrients for the next year. The smaller canes are bundled and along with the larger canes are marked with the family name. They are then dragged down the slope to the road. They are loaded on small trucks and taken just down the road to our factory.

Environment - No deforestation results from the manufacture of this product. Instead, a low energy, sustainable agribusiness is being developed with no dependency on chemical processing, minimal emissions and a preservation of the native bamboo groves of rural China. None of our products have been treated with wood preservatives or insecticides. All are safe and healthy for your home or garden.

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